Cookie Pics!

These are all pictures of past orders. All orders are customized. Contact me for your own personalized design! You can find more pictures of recent orders on my blog.

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10 thoughts on “Cookie Pics!

  1. Hi Sara
    Hope you had the best time on your honeymoon. The wedding was so beautiful!! The best part was just watching how in love you and Sean are…:)

    But actually, I have a cookie question. I have an annual event called Celebrate Sisterhood…in fact, I just got home from it about 30 minutes ago. It is an exciting, fun event that celebrates sisters and raises money for the Fox Valley Sibling Support Network. The theme for our silent auction is “purses” – we call it “Show Off Your Purse-onality”. I’d like to have as our dessert next year purse-shaped cookies. So I’m wondering:

    1. Do you make purse cookies?
    2. Could you make a dozen and mail them to me by November 12 (our first planning meeting for next year) to show the committee?
    3. Do you take orders for 250-300 cookies?

  2. Thanks Aunt Harriet! You are too sweet! It was great seeing you at the wedding!
    I’ll send you an email answering your cookie questions.

  3. Sara,
    Would you consider doing an order of University of Alabama cookies for me for a BCS National Championship game party? It could be the script “A” that is the logo for the team, or more traditional shapes in Crimson, white and/or houndstooth (black and white). I’ve seen some ideas on line, but would love to have you make them if you have time. The game is the evening of January 7th. Email me or give me a call over the holidays – we’ll be around!

    Laura Sauerman

  4. I was inquiring about some Minnie mouse cookies for my daughter’s first birthday. how much do you charge by the Dozen? I live right outside the Washington DC area. can you deliver there. can you let me know. I would need that I may 23rd.


    • Missy,
      Unfortunately I’m already booked for May. I wish there were more hours in the day.
      Thanks for your interest in Calculated Cookies,

  5. Sara,
    I’ve heard wonderful things about your beautiful cookies and now I see why!! Is there any chance you’d be able to do cookies for my son’s wedding on October 4th? I work at Trinity so I’ve given you that email address. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Susan Magruder

  6. Hi Sara!
    I was talking to your mom and she mentioned you do custom cookies!! I was interested in having some made for my nephews birthday the theme is Cars: lightning mc queen cars needed.. I know its last minute but I thought I would give it a try. the date is November 29th.. Just need to how much ..Please get back to me and thanks for your time.. Helen Clark

    • Hi Helen,
      Unfortunately I’m already booked for that week. Wish I could do them. Sounds like a cute theme.
      Thanks for your interest in Calculated Cookies,

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